The ASA say goodbye to alcohol drink, Cell…!

Everybody loves to hear about brands being caught out for not demonstrating corporate social responsibility. Alcohol brand Cell Drink certainly helped TV show Watchdog’s ratings this month!  Marketing Week reported the brand as being ‘slammed’ after breaking multiple advertising rules in a recent Youtube campaign.

The ad featured a free runner holding a non-spill version of the vodka based drink and included clips of a ‘raver’ and a ‘rocker’ spilling their drinks to reinforce the brands proposition! The advert was clearly pushing the relationship between drinking and dangerous behaviour (with the free runner!).  How did the brand come up with such an irresponsible campaign,

 The ASA say goodbye to alcohol drink, Cell...!

The ASA say goodbye to alcohol drink, Cell...!

featuring under 25’s in the ad and therefore targeting this age group…? Needless to say the ad is no longer available!

The ASA Adjudication on Cell Drinks, issued 3rd August, included an extensive report listing all allegations made against them with a particularly amusing complaint that implied the product could enhance physical capabilities.  Is Youtube now being used as a way for brands to promote new products without the advertising being approved by the authorities?

Corporate Social Responsibility should surely be second nature to all marketers working in industry.  Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach contains an interesting case study featuring Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on page 271, I would suggest the Cell Drink CEO should take a look at it !!

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