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Cadbury’s social impact on the Olympics 2012…

Friday, March 23rd, 2012
Spots V Strips - Cadburys - Marketing Communications

Spots V Strips - Cadburys

In a recent blog regarding chocolate brand Cadbury’s we discussed the increase in marketing activity surrounding the Olympics 2012.  The ‘Eye of the Tiger’ music video, launched this year, was the final part of the series of adverts in the Keep Singing, Keep Team GB Pumped campaign and was designed to motivate athletes on the Team GB.   This successful campaign demonstrated how important it is for brands to support the Olympic events this year.

It is evident that Cadbury’s motivation through their campaigns is to inspire people across the UK and Ireland to take part in sports.   The brand claims that it’s Spots v Stripes Olympic activity has been a success, not by measuring the number of chocolate bars it has sold, but how it has inspired people across the UK and Ireland to take part in sports.

A combination of different marketing campaigns – the Olympic postcard campaign – and sports events – Spots v Stripes games – over the last two years has positioned the brand as a key player in the promotion of the Olympics 2012.  How is the brand measuring its return on investment…?

Marketing Week reported that more than three quarters of a sample of 1,115 participants and spectators said they were more likely to get involved in community activities … Peter Taylor, professor of sport economics who took part in the assessment, claims that for every £1 invested in the campaign, the return on social investment, or benefit to the community is £1.90.

Cadbury’s agenda is about creating awareness and bringing communities together rather than increasing sales.  I am sure the brand will see a significant increase in sales off the back of this comprehensive campaign leading up to the Olympics.