Speaking of the success of Ben & Jerry’s…

Throwing more money into their marketing budget this year, Unilever strives to achieve a better than expected 7.1% sales increase in the second quarter.  The brands first approach clearly worked for Ben & Jerry’s as we have seen in the past…

Ben & Jerry's Sucess

Ben & Jerry's Sucess

Back in May the brand Ben & Jerry’s launched a Twitter application that promoted World Fair Trade Day in the leftover characters of one’s tweets, on Twitter.  This has reinforced their brand proposition as the fair trade ice-cream.  Like all brands in the Unilever umbrella (Flora, Dove and Lynx), Ben & Jerry’s continues to communicate its strong brand values in all advertising and promotion of new products.  A positive year for all brands mentioned above and it appears that, because of the strategy to grow them through their brand values, they all have significant market share in their industries.  We could certainly learn something from this…!

The ice-cream brand has an impressive website in relation to promoting brand values, with a keen interest in connecting with consumers on a regular basis and sharing ideas for the environment and sponsorship of events that help this cause, the brand dedicated many resources to social events (their own ice-cream events!) and online activity social media, this is the first thing that jumps out at you when visiting the homepage.  Go online now and sponsor a cow, or sign up to the 2012 festival…!

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