Radio, what does this mean for marketers…?

This year’s radio stats show the biggest increase in the number of people listening to radio in 7 years…Marketing Week report that the percentage of population who are tuning in to their local, or national radio stations has grown significantly and the last 3 months show an increase of 91.7%! Is this due to the increase in channels that listeners can tune in to?

Radio listeners are going up!

Radio listeners are going up!


This may well be the case as listeners are not only tuning in more frequently, but also for a longer length of time which indicates they are listening during the day whilst at work. According to Andrew Harrison, chief executive of RadioCentre, the population are utilizing the increasing number of stations and combination of listening formats available to them.  The recent launch of Radioplayer has meant that many people can plug in at their work station and away they go with their colleagues none the wiser!  Are there other channels being used here…?

Recent reports show that radio listening via mobile phones has also increased in the last year, by 16.1%.  Clearly radioplayer and mobile application has had a massive impact on radio’s market share in the last year and this is reflected in the stats we have seen.  Are there other factors that have come in to play? Perhaps it could be content, maybe the radio is more in tune with what their audience wants, the increase in radio stations, listeners therefore shifting towards more localized stations, or even the caliber of radio presenters with this area becoming more celebrity driven thanks to the likes of ‘Johnny and Lisa’ as peak time presenters on Capital fm’s breakfast show.

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