Health Lottery hopes to overtake Camelot in new marketing campaign…

Health Lottery V National Lottery

Health Lottery V National Lottery

Health Lottery has been set up to oversee 51 society lotteries in different locations in the UK.  The brand plans to reach 98% of adult consumers in its new comprehensive marketing campaign, the objective of the campaign is to educate consumers as to where money is needed in local health charities.  The campaign will involve community based fundraising in order to encourage more consumers to get in touch with the communities around them, and these are the ones that are underfunded!  Are the prize incentives enough to beat the country’s number one lottery provider, who also dedicates much time to good causes…?


The charity brand heavily promotes the top £100,000 prize on their website by emphasizing what a difference this amount of money can make and this will be communicated through a combination of marketing channels including, TV, local and national press, radio, PR and social media.  The BBC in a recent report draw out the statistics to show how much money is going out to causes in relation to how much is going into the charity.   The Health Lottery expects that £50m will be donated to health-related causes, with £250m being invested.  The National Lottery in comparison is said to have given a total of £1.6bn charity donations and overall sales of £5.8bn.  This indicates that the National Lottery is paying out more to charitable causes.  Will the focus on community fundraising drive more consumers to the Health Lottery despite this…?


The strategy for the Health focused lottery will be to really push the projects that they will be funding and offset these funds against the prize that the consumer will receive.  Given that information is so readily available the new lottery will need to be careful as to how they work out their investment allocation and ensure that consumers are as much involved in this decision as they can be.  Sir Stephen Bubb, Chief Executive of Voluntary Organizations, said Northern & Shell owner Richard Desmond was “profiteering on the back of charities” and that the National Lottery will essentially match the figures that the new health charity are proposing.  Looks like the new charity have a long way to go in promoting their brand as the more worthwhile cause…!


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