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Facebook or Twitter…?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

It seems businesses are not utilizing Twitter…recent stats show that only 25% of Twitter users follow a brand compared to 40% of Facebook users, a report from Marketing Week recommends that brands should do more on Twitter to offer their users an incentive for following them.  So why are businesses adopting strong Facebook marketing strategies and not making use of the benefits that Twitter has to offer…?

It is clear that Facebook and Twitter offer different benefits and that both have proven successes on marketing campaigns, however the success of a campaign is determined by the nature of the product.  Controversial coverage from yahoo news reports common questions posed by social network leaders such as;  “Are Facebook Likes social proof of anything other than mass opinion”.  Is Facebook therefore more suited to campaigns that are socially driven such as, special events?

An interesting case study on Burger Kings’s approach to campaigning on Facebook, The Burger King’s ‘Whopper Sacrifice’ can be found in Chapter 13 of Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach (page 355).  Surprisingly consumers sacrificed friends for burgers- hilarious report on what was a really successful, however short term marketing strategy for Burger King, what next!

Apparently if you want to get feedback from your customers, use Twitter. Only one in ten of users tend to update their Facebook status each day, the majority of Twitter users tweet daily, and throughout the day. It is clear that both sites have benefits that are useful for businesses in different ways and that is important that marketing embrace these opportunities. –Even the royal family are embracing the new digital age…!