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Cadbury’s – TV Programs….Online….Olympics!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Cadbury Spots V Stripes - Marketing Communication Blog

The Cadbury’s brand have done it again…In order to push the Spots V Stripes product the brand have partnered with ITV and ITV2 programmes to be launched this autumn.  The shows will be based on the Minute to Win It program that was launched by NBC in the US last year and the format is in production in 30 countries.

Cadbury’s initial launch of the Spots v Stripes product was in support of its sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics. According to a recent report from Marketing Week, the strategy was and is to encourage people to become involved in playing games. This branding is seen everywhere and has been a huge investment for Cadbury involving a substantial lead time running up to the Olympics.  Take a look at the launch advert from back in August 2010, almost two years prior to the Games, launching the Spots V Stripes idea with different competitive fish!

The wider gaming format of Minute to Win It will be rolled out at Cadbury Spots v Stripes events.  Hopefully the timing of the ITV game program will tie in nicely with the lead up to the Olympics and therefore give Cadbury the exposure it needs to ensure sales continue long after the events of 2012.   Cadbury currently have a strong association with the Olympics, on the website it is listed as a worldwide partner, alongside MacDonald’s and Coca Cola…ironic given the nature of the event!

Unique ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Style Campaign Launch

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Marks & Spencer have done it again with yet another revolutionary marketing campaign… the brand has partnered with ITV to launch its first ever childrenswear advertising campaign, including a Britain’s Got Talent style competition which allows parents to upload video’s on ITV’s website in a competition to find young talent.  M&S’s collaboration with ITV includes TV, press, in-store and online activity.  This comprehensive campaign will have a huge impact on the success of their childrenswear range…I can’t wait to see what they will do next!

A  recent report shows that despite the drop in consumer spending and the increasing awareness that consumer confidence is low, this year M&S out beat expectations in the last quarter with strong increase in revenue for menswear and lingerie.  Chief executive, Marc Bolland put it down to the success of the marketing campaigns, with particular reference to the Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day promotions and how these had a strong impact on sales revenue.   With the recent increase in online promotion M&S have demonstrated how expanding their marketing mix can increase the impact of a single campaign with each element of communication complementing each other.

With a somewhat dreary year for retailers this year, M&S have produced a string of celebratory TV adverts that not only encourage consumers to purchase goods but promote their brand as the brand consumers can rely on.  The strap line for the new campaign ‘Do your thing’ is set to promote the childrenswear as a fashion-led range and as part of their wider strategy, taking on brands that currently have more market share.  The results speak for themselves and Marc Bolland certainly expects to see the benefits from this latest campaign in the first quarter!

M&S have demonstrated the impact of simultaneous marketing and there is a clear correlation between the launch of their campaigns, and the increase in the revenue for the particular range which is being promoted.  Marketing Communication: A Brand Narrative Approach, presents an interesting case study on a collaborative Volvo campaign that was extremely successful and demonstrates how the use of online and offline marketing can be extremely powerful  (Chapter 446).

ITV’s X Factor holds auditions on YouTube and Facebook….what next?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Will the change to the audition process increase viewings for the show by attracting more people and encouraging more online engagement? –Marketing Week say YES…according to the recent report, auditions will take place initially on social media site, Facebook, and YouTube.   What about the traditionalists and the people who don’t actually know how to use these methods of communication…maybe this was deliberate?!

Britain’s Got Talent launched the same audition process back in March of this year, each contestant submitted a video on You Tube of their performance in the hope that they would be selected for a REAL audition! Apparently the show’s Hosts, Ant & Dec reported that this new method has uncovered some ‘hidden jewels’ in Britain.  You would think that this would reduce the time of the audition process, however this was not the case and this year’s auditions have in fact gone on for longer than ever before…!

Marketing Communications: A brand Narrative Approach describes the rationale behind using social networking sites like Facebook and the increasing number of businesses and consumers that are using new media as a form of communication, alongside traditional methods such as TV broadcasting (see Chapter 16 for more information).  It is interesting to see that even TV shows are using this.  Is new media really necessary for reality TV shows like X-Factor, or is it dragging out the show even more…?

Could the rationale behind this be to make it more difficult for certain potential entrants that may not be computer literate to enter the show, and to encourage more charismatic, maybe even slightly odd characters to audition for the show. Is this not a REALITY TV show?