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Schweppes the latest brand to cash in from the Royal Wedding…?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Will the buzz of the Royal Wedding incentivise consumers to purchase limited edition goods in association with the event, or will this just make buyers more determined to decline…? -A recent poll conducted by JWT London established that 66% of consumers said their purchasing behaviour would not be influenced by associations with the wedding (for the full report visit,  Do the results speak for themselves or are there businesses that have created the right branding to benefit from this special event…?

Schweppes is expected to be one of the few brands to cash in on the Royal Wedding…- The new ‘Facebook Great Royal Wedding Card’ campaign is set to enhance the brand as the Royal household’s number one supplier since 1963! A recent report from brandrepublic discusses the tangible links to the Royal family and how this sets them in good stead to cash in on the excitement (for more information visit, ).  Will this in addition to Schweppes’ limited edition repackaging be enough to fool consumers into purchasing their products…probably!

According to Micael Dahlen, brand association can increase brand equity by promoting the values associated with that particular brand (further information can be found in Chapter 8 of Marketing Communications, A Brand Narrative Approach).  Schweppes have achieved this by promoting their long standing relationship to the royal family and their support for the wedding, endorsing Schweppes as the ‘Brand of Britain’!

It seems that Schweppes have got it right…given their proven history of being granted the Royal Warrant in 1837 they have positioned themselves as an agent by which the nation can contribute to an event that will go down in history…!