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Easyjet Holidays…Why Shell Out More?

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Low budget airline Easyjet, have recently launched, what Travel Weekly news bulletin describe as a heavy hitting price comparison newspaperEasyjet - Why Pay More? Marketing Communications advertising campaign in a bid to go up against big wigs such as Thomas Cook and Tui Travel.  By listing five different holiday options and comparing the prices to other brands, Easyjet are communicating to existing and potential customers that price is the main consideration for choosing their holiday this summer.   Is this the right message given recent cut backs on holiday spending…Why Shell Out More?

According to travel news, the newspaper campaign is set to run for a number of weeks with different deals in the weekend newspapers.  It is all about the timing of this campaign and with what Easyjet claim to be, a flexible holidays offering, this campaign will certainly give companies such as ‘Choice Holidays’ a run for their money!

Advertising in weekly newspapers is clearly key to marketing campaigns for holiday brands with the likes of Thompson and Choice holidays running similar ‘copycat’ campaigns. This indicates the importance of advertising in the industry above all else. It will be interesting to see which campaign will be the most successful as we hit peak holiday season for many package holiday customers!

A very useful model can be sourced from Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach that demonstrates the process of running campaigns and the considerations at each stage in order to ensure that the right messages are communicated through the relevant channels.  The similarities in the marketing approach for the holiday industry indicate that the brands know what works for their market!

Quality news…read the latest on the royal wedding…!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Will the coverage on the forthcoming marriage of William and Kate finally drive sales for national newspapers? A report from marketing week online says HOPEFULLY…, the likes of The Independent, The Times and The Guardian, are all expecting a rise in sales as the big day draws closer.  The latest ABC figures show that despite covering more gripping stories, quality newspapers, globally, have experienced a dramatic drop in sales from this time last year, with The Times seeing the biggest drop at 13.49% in its March sales (

A report from the BBC highlights the extent to which daily sales have decreased and paints a very bleak picture for the newspaper industry going forward (    This poses the question as to where the newspapers go from here…

…The author team of Marketing Communications: A brand Narrative Approach emphasizes the importance of not just tactical communications, but strategic marketing communications when addressing external factors that impact industries (this is explained in greater detail in chapter 5).

How can the newspaper’s content be protected going forward? And is this a result of the surge of new media whereby users are encouraged to share free information, constantly? Or is this a result of the supply and demand analysis that is currently lacking in newspaper production…, the recent study from the OECD says YES!? (For more information on the OECD’s findings visit

We have established that this situation is expected to get better in April with the royal wedding fast approaching; however whether we would class this news as QUALITY news remains to be seen…!