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McDonalds and WRAP partnership to reduce waste…

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

McDonald's Wrap Recycling PartnershipSome may say it is ironic that fast food conglomerate, McDonalds is working in partnership with the charity organisation, WRAP, but the partnership is well matched according to recent marketing news.  This is a good opportunity for McDonalds to promote the materials used to package their food in and educate consumers on how to dispose of this to ensure that maximum recycling is achieved.  McDonalds promote themselves as a brand that uses 85% reusable packaging with their products.  This claim is confirmed through their support for recyclable material and promoting sustainability.  Are other companies taking this initiative seriously and promoting reusable packaging…?

Costa Coffee owner Whitbread and distribution partners such as Brakes are also part of the plan to communicate the importance in reducing food and drink waste out of home.  The brand has taken this initiative very seriously in the past and will continue to do so leading up to spring where a voluntary agreement will be drawn up alongside many food services in the UK to significantly reduce out of home waste.

Previous initiatives from the organization include partnerships with major retailers to reduce plastic bag usage which has been a success nationwide throughout 2010 and 2011.  WRAP is faced with barriers when communicating messages – as a ‘not for profit’ company they cannot launch a campaign themselves but need to secure relationships with brands who can promote the charities mission through their PR and advertising – We hope to see more brands joining forces with WRAP this year.


Samsung Strengthen Brand in UK

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Samsung Logo 2012 OlympicsSamsung has launched their exciting new logo today. This logo will be used on all Olympic 2012 campaigns and advertising leading up to the games.  The image featured here includes the strap-line ‘Olympic Torch Relay Presenting Partner’ which exposes their sponsorship at the event.  Are there any other phone networks that are supported by the Olympics…?

Although there are many brands from many different industries who are ‘domestic partners’ of the games, Samsung are standing out above the crowd with the launch of their mobile app’ this month as well as the launch of the Olympic edition smartphone.  This is a good example of the right product for the right industry. As thousands of British people did not manage to get any tickets to the games, being able to view live events and feel as though they are engaging with the events through the smartphone seems like a good scheme.  The idea is that the experience for users will be as if they are part of the games.  At least this will be the pitch from Samsung, in reality I think I would rather be there!

With the rise in mobile applications, Samsung are in a good position to use this in relation to the events- the perfect partner and in the eyes of Olympic organisers, Samsung will leave people ‘better connected…’,or is that BT?!  This is just one of the brands many campaigns leading up to the games in 2012, with a mixture of events promoting their involvement in the Olympic Torch Relay event and in employing an iconic brand ambassador, who could that be…?!