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Greggs secret ingredient to building a stronger brand…

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Greggs Bakery Marketing Strategy - Marketing CommunicationsGreggs the baker is a fantastic example of how effective communication between businesses and consumers can be achieved through the use of social media sites such as Facebook, and this has been the height of discussion in marketing news this week.  According to Marketing Week the brands CEO, Ken McMeikan started at Greggs in 2008 and wrote to the 20,000 customers that the business had on file to ask what they thought of the brand.  The response was surprisingly high with 11,000 responses in total! So what has changed for Greggs beyond the famous sausage roll retailer in the last four years…?

McMeikan now prefers to receive feedback via Facebook, checking the Greggs page four to six times a day.  The report shows how feedback from consumers has gained results.   Suggestions for changes have been addressed, and in many situations implemented, and a new range of food has been developed in-house, using Greggs’ own bakeries.

The new range reflects the feedback and suggestions left through Facebook which is great PR for Greggs.  This means consumers can see that the brand is taking their opinions seriously and are in turn prepared to trial new products and methods for delivering the products, whether this is to sit down in store or tapping into the coffee market.   Does their new marketing activity stop at Facebook though…?

Introducing the new Greggs App…!  This free phone device will allow customers to access product menus, nutritional information, and includes a flashy GPS shop finder that will assist customers in finding their nearest Greggs.  This is yet another move forward that promotes the brand as one that is evolving to meet the ever changing demands of the consumer; this new app will certainly put them on the coffee shop map along with major chains such as Starbucks and Costa.

For a full report on Greggs comprehensive marketing strategy click here

Customers can also view meal deals, discounts and useful information.


Cadbury & The Olympics

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

This week on Marketing Week shows the launch of Cadburys Rocky themed music video. The ‘Eye of the Tiger’ music video is the final part of the series of adverts in the Keep Singing, Keep Team GB Pumped campaign and is designed to motivate athletes on the Team GB.  What makes this series of films different to any other of Cadbury’s quirky adverts in the past…?


Cadburys Olympic Advert - Eye of the Tiger

Cadburys Olympic Advert - Eye of the Tiger

The video is the final in the series of musical films featuring songs like Simply the Best, Danger Zone, and Gold, all of which are world class songs that are attached to momentous events in history.  Very clever Cadbury, once again they pick a song that just about everybody knows and cannot stop singing once they have heard it!  What celebrities are in the Cadbury finale…?

The ad features sports fans from home towns of Team GB stars such as Tom Stalker (Liverpool) and Ashley McKenzie (London) singing the Rocky theme tune as a way of encouraging their future local heroes.  Cadbury really are Risin’ up, straight to the top of viewer’s radar!

Cadbury Olympic Adverts-  Eye of the Tiger

Cadbury Olympic Adverts- Eye of the Tiger

Cadbury have been very busy on their support campaigns leading up to the events this year…, In January the brand kicked off the year with the launch of their limited edition pack and on-pack promotion.  The new promotion has been reported as offering extensive support as part of Cadbury’s status as the Official Treat Provider of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


‘Chill and Charge’ creating brand awareness at festivals through digital media…

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Festival Brand Awareness - Marketing CommunicationsReflecting on the success of brand promotions such as the Orange ‘Chill and Charge’ campaign at Glastonbury last year, Marketing Week released a report this week on how brands can get the most out of festival sponsorship.  The Orange brand had a tent that enabled festival attendees to charge their phone at festivals, ingenious idea from the phone brand.  Glastonbury will be back in 2013, enough time for the brand to create an exciting campaign for the event…

An increasing number of brands that are not associated with music including Persil, Timberland, and Dairylea are using festivals as a channel to spread their brand messages.  Organisations are taking this method of marketing seriously by preparing in advance and building this activity into their strategy in order to get deals signed with popular festivals across the country.  How are brands making the most of festivals as a method for effective brand promotion…?

Digital media is becoming more prominent in the lead-up to and aftermath of festivals and is an excellent opportunity for marketers to promote their products and create brand awareness in advance.  Cheese brand Dairylea had huge success from Camp Bestival last summer with their Twitter and Facebook campaigns.  The festival is known as the family festival of the year and Dairylea seized the opportunity to promote the brand through a family photo shoot competition on Facebook leading up to the event.

Festival Brand Awareness - Marketing CommunicationsIt is important to remember that consumers now expect more from brands; Marketing Week revealed that those brands that can add a new dimension to promotion at festivals will be more likely to see a return on their experiential investment.  We look forward to seeing more innovative activity from your favourite cheese makers at this year’s festivals.


The Muppets are back with more mayhem…!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012


Cravendale - Muppets

Cravendale - Muppets

In association with Disney the latest Muppet movie was launched in the US in October 2011 and is to be released this week in the UK.  Along with cinema exposure, what kind of marketing have the Muppets done, and do they need to in order to succeed in the UK…?

Hollywood blockbusters tend to promote themselves as a result of the sheer volume of exposure leading up to the release in cinemas; however this often occurs in the films home territory, in this case the US.  What are the implications of not marketing through traditional channels to other countries and what can brands do to help this…?

Everyone knows who the Muppets are.  The long standing brand is well established not only in the states, but in the UK as well.   This has not deterred the organisation from conducting marketing through TV advertising, by featuring characters such as Kermit and Pepe in the latest Cravendale advert as brand ambassadors for the milk that is long lasting, this promotes brand awareness among the British public and viewers are made aware of the new movie coming to the big screen this week.  The marketing activity is also continued on the packaging of Cravendale in stores throughout the country, and the Muppets are on the website!

Click here to view this amusing ad.


Looks like brands are abandoning traditional marketing methods…

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Sakata - Social Media Marketing

Sakata - Social Media Marketing

PepsiCo’s rice cracker brand, Sakata, is launching a marketing campaign using social media as the sole marketing channel for communicating this new healthy food product to consumers in the UK.  Some may say this is a risky approach for this product and a far cry from the traditional campaigns launched in the US and other countries around the globe.  So why has the UK been chosen as the test drive for this method to marketing…?

According to Marketing Week the brand hopes to leverage its presence on Facebook and Twitter through a competition where the public have to suggest the pronunciation of its name, as it looks to drive awareness among young health-conscious women.  So why the strategy to build a dedicated following among females between certain ages in the UK, are men not healthy too?

The Japanese brand has had proven success in Australia as the countries no 1 selling cracker!  The product comes in four delicious flavours; Sour Cream & Chive, Cheddar, Classic Barbecue and Plain, and is gluten free containing nine calories or less per cracker compared to competitor brands…Clearly this brand appeals to a wide audience, and maybe beyond females aged between 18 and 44!

Will the Facebook competition and Twitter exposure be enough to promote this brands healthy option cracker to the UK public to become Britain’s no 1 choice in cracker…? What are your thoughts?


Usain Bolt, Sir Richard Branson & Faster Broadband!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

You may have seen the new brand ambassador for Virgin Media on adverts recently. They certainly chose someone very famous and being as they have been advertising fast broadband it is really quite apt that Usain Bolt is their ambassador. The world’s fastest man and Olympic gold medal-winning Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt not only brings some world renown to the advert but also some giggles!


Usain Bolt Virgin's New Brand Ambassador

Usain Bolt Virgin's New Brand Ambassador

The advert has done well to gain the spotlight on TV for being both eye catching and hilarious! The best part about this new fast broadband campaign is the fact that Bolt is seen in the advert wearing a Richard Branson beard lookalike and mimicking the world famous entrepreneur.

Virgin Media apparently came close to signing Bolt after his sensational appearance at the Beijing Olympics and now they have done the trick they are starting a nationwide campaign featuring the sprinter and Virgin’s founder in Virgin’s £110 million push to double their broadband speed. This big push will be taking place over the next 18 months and effects it’s 4.1 million internet customers.

The TV advert will be supported by a variety of other marketing paths including billboards all showing Bolt amusingly impersonating Sir Richard Branson even down to the little golden goatee! Their new strap line, “Keep Up” from agency DDB London, also very apt, will be used in all their future marketing activities. It seems Virgin Media have made a very intelligent marketing move here not only comparing Usain Bolt’s unrivalled speed with that of their broadband, but also using an Olympic athlete in the year of the London 2012 Olympics and the right amount of humour to bring it all down to earth (well apart from when Bolt tries to get on a spaceship at the end of the advert…)

Click on the following link to view Virgin Media’s new advert – Virgin Media Advert Ft. Usain Bolt & Sir Richard Branson


Men = the new target audience for Cravendale milk brand…!

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The milk brand has discovered that maybe after all these years they have been targeting the wrong audience! Let’s consider who goes out on a Sunday morning to get the milk and paper, or how many times the female shopper forgets to get the milk? Well, according to a recent report from Marketing Week Cravendale will position dads as “milk heroes” picking up milk when it has run out. As part of the brands marketing strategy, they plan to partner with a sports radio station such as TalkSport to build engagement with men through sport.  Are men going to want to hear about getting the countries long lasting milk brand when watching, or listening to the sport channel on the radio?


Cravendale Milk Target Men

Cravendale Milk Target Men

The brand has historically produced quirky adverts that have often been released in partnership with feature films at the cinema. These quirky and comical adverts provide  a welcome relief for cinema goers who are regularly bombarded with boring adverts as they eagerly await the latest release – the particular Cravendale advert I am referring to in particular is the opposable thumbs advert, remember that one that Cravendale launched last August?

The beer aisles in food retail stores will now contain advertising for the milk brand – Great! Whilst men shop for their beer and read through the latest copy of Men’s Weekly they will be prompted to check whether they need to get the milk, this may even mean that some households have too much milk at one time! Its fine, after all, we all know that Cravendale is long lasting.

Is getting the milk a bone of contention in your house…?

An interesting concept from Aldi this Christmas…

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Aldi Christmas TV Ad - Brand MarketingDo we like the new Christmas advert from Aldi…?  Ruth Mortimer, Marketing Week’s associate editor certainly does.  Ruth emphasizes the simple, yet effective strategy that Aldi have employed for their new advert with the concept of liking stuff.  –One section of the advert consists of children claiming that they like either the Lindt chocolate reindeer or Aldi chocolate reindeer – what they don’t like is socks.  So how is the advert constructed…?

This very light hearted collection of likes and dislikes draws from consumers of all ages from children, to senior citizens, and from teenagers to Santa! – As Ruth proposes in her feature, this demonstrates the fact that Aldi are cheap, yet affordable, making the store a sensible choice for your Christmas shopping, and really highlighting the brand values.  This advert also demonstrates a close connection with social media, recognizing that many of us spend our online lives ‘liking’ stuff on different websites as a way of communicating to friends and professionals alike, through a range of social media channels.  Will this be enough to entice consumers from the likes of the M&S and John Lewis adverts…?

It seems John Lewis is not just liked but ‘loved’, a new Facebook page We love the John Lewis 2011 Christmas Advert. The TV advert demostrates the Christmas value ‘Its better to give than receive’, with a little boy waiting impatiently for Christmas day to arrive – not to open his own presents but to give a present to his parents.

As with the Aldi advert, the brand’s values are communicated well here.  There is a high caliber of advertising so the heat is on for all food retailers, let’s hope Aldi continue to improve sales revenue in order to complete what has been a very good year for the brand.

Where are you getting your Christmas gifts from…?

“This year rather than using celebrities, the campaign will feature The X Factor contestants and their God-given talents”

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

X Factor Advert - Marks and Spencer - M&SThe clever campaign from M&S featuring the 16 X-Factor live show contestants has proven a success amongst the show’s loyal fans.  Everyone is talking about it! The contemporary version of When You Wish Upon A Star song has been a proven success by engaging with its audience and generating a strong, emotional response.  According to Marketing Week the advert is the highest rated among all the brands during the final last Sunday.  How was this success measured…?

According to a research study that measures emotional responses to ads from viewers aged between 18 and 25, this generated the highest response with the right mix of emotions.  The research agency used an unobtrusive electroencephalograph (EEG) headset to monitor brain activity.  In addition to this, the viewer’s eye movements were tracked to provide a correlation between what they saw onscreen and their emotional response.  This form of tracking gives the brand a firm handle on how successful the campaign was and reflects that the timing of the advert is just as important, in terms of impact, as the content.

Timing is everything.  The contestants look amazing showcasing the new Christmas range and the exposure of this advert has been maximized to its full potential.  Steve Sharp, executive marketing director of M&S, emphasised the importance of the program to the British public and how this is reflected by the fact that discussions on the show are continued into the following week.   In conclusion we may say that this is M&S at its best and the collaboration between the two brands is one that has created something truly amazing!

Click here to view this emotional performance.

H&M’s CGI Models Aren’t Going Down Well…

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
H&M Use CGI Models Online

H&M Use CGI Models Online

The Marketing Communications blog has looked at brands enhancing photos of models before, with the most recent story revolving around Julia Roberts and her representation of Lancome. With the Advertising Standards Agency  becoming so involved in the area of air-brushing ads it’s hard to believe that a brand would go one step further and create entirely fake models!

That’s right, High Street store H&M have been reported to digitally create a woman’s body before adding a model’s face, adapting skin colour and then of course, adding clothes, for their online store! This is quite incredible to all of us who would never look at H&M’s online store and think that the models portrayed wearing the retailers clothing are entirely virtual.

When looking carefully at the models  in the picture above one can see that the bodies are eerily similar and with a bit of hair changing and face swapping these models look almost real. But is this approach to advertising really a good choice in the current advertising climate?

The ASA have been on the hunt for airbrushers, will CGI models be next? Afterall, with H&M’s main customer being women and girls, do they really want to send out the message that the only way to have a perfect body is to create it with a computer? Will the ASA once again push companies, like H&M, to be fully aware of their social responsibilities and their affect on their audience through advertising?

It seems that a rather disgruntled public hopes so. This brings us back to the book chapter on advertising, where the authors explore an interesting investigation involving false advertising against (see page 486 for full case study.) Will H&M stand by their somewhat fake models? Only time will tell…