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VisitEngland campaign is part of Britain’s plan to boost tourism…

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

According to a report from Marketing Week the UK are planning to target domestic tourism with saturation marketing.  Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said that “there will be no escape” from the VisitEngland campaign and the VisitBritain “Great Britain” activity in overseas markets, the UK will benefit from being “the best country to visit”.  Will this be enough to encourage UK residents to holiday at home this year…?

VisitEngland 2012 - Rupert Grint - Marketing Communications
VisitEngland 2012 – Rupert Grint

Historically there appears to have been an underinvestment in domestic tourism marketing and the UK faces the challenge with marketing to encourage less travel abroad and educate the public to the benefits in ‘staycating’ by pushing huge events including the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  How is the government tackling this challenge in practice…?

VisitEngland - Stephen Fry - Marketing Communications

VisitEngland - Stephen Fry

VisitEngland 2012 holidays at home £5m campaign features celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Michelle Dockery and Rupert Grint (Harry Potter star) who encourage people to do an array of activities in England, Scotland and Ireland.  Amongst the stars is Julie Walters who attends a garden party in the Cotswolds! What else will aid the marketing campaigns launched in the run up to the Olympics…?

VisitEngland - Julie Walters - Marketing Communications

VisitEngland - Julie Walters

In recognition of the importance of 2012, it has been reported that commercial partners are offering additional discounts on accommodation, attractions, and other tourism related goods and services. Operators involved include Thomas Cook, leisure group Merlin Entertainment, Travelodge, and more.

VisitEngland - Michelle Dockery - Marketing Communications

VisitEngland - Michelle Dockery

To ensure that this campaign is a success, the investment of £25m on a three-year strategy and the six-week TV activity is to be continuously monitored with a goal to establishing what campaigns are working and what the focus should be going forward…



The Muppets are back with more mayhem…!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012


Cravendale - Muppets

Cravendale - Muppets

In association with Disney the latest Muppet movie was launched in the US in October 2011 and is to be released this week in the UK.  Along with cinema exposure, what kind of marketing have the Muppets done, and do they need to in order to succeed in the UK…?

Hollywood blockbusters tend to promote themselves as a result of the sheer volume of exposure leading up to the release in cinemas; however this often occurs in the films home territory, in this case the US.  What are the implications of not marketing through traditional channels to other countries and what can brands do to help this…?

Everyone knows who the Muppets are.  The long standing brand is well established not only in the states, but in the UK as well.   This has not deterred the organisation from conducting marketing through TV advertising, by featuring characters such as Kermit and Pepe in the latest Cravendale advert as brand ambassadors for the milk that is long lasting, this promotes brand awareness among the British public and viewers are made aware of the new movie coming to the big screen this week.  The marketing activity is also continued on the packaging of Cravendale in stores throughout the country, and the Muppets are on the website!

Click here to view this amusing ad.


Usain Bolt, Sir Richard Branson & Faster Broadband!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

You may have seen the new brand ambassador for Virgin Media on adverts recently. They certainly chose someone very famous and being as they have been advertising fast broadband it is really quite apt that Usain Bolt is their ambassador. The world’s fastest man and Olympic gold medal-winning Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt not only brings some world renown to the advert but also some giggles!


Usain Bolt Virgin's New Brand Ambassador

Usain Bolt Virgin's New Brand Ambassador

The advert has done well to gain the spotlight on TV for being both eye catching and hilarious! The best part about this new fast broadband campaign is the fact that Bolt is seen in the advert wearing a Richard Branson beard lookalike and mimicking the world famous entrepreneur.

Virgin Media apparently came close to signing Bolt after his sensational appearance at the Beijing Olympics and now they have done the trick they are starting a nationwide campaign featuring the sprinter and Virgin’s founder in Virgin’s £110 million push to double their broadband speed. This big push will be taking place over the next 18 months and effects it’s 4.1 million internet customers.

The TV advert will be supported by a variety of other marketing paths including billboards all showing Bolt amusingly impersonating Sir Richard Branson even down to the little golden goatee! Their new strap line, “Keep Up” from agency DDB London, also very apt, will be used in all their future marketing activities. It seems Virgin Media have made a very intelligent marketing move here not only comparing Usain Bolt’s unrivalled speed with that of their broadband, but also using an Olympic athlete in the year of the London 2012 Olympics and the right amount of humour to bring it all down to earth (well apart from when Bolt tries to get on a spaceship at the end of the advert…)

Click on the following link to view Virgin Media’s new advert – Virgin Media Advert Ft. Usain Bolt & Sir Richard Branson


“This year rather than using celebrities, the campaign will feature The X Factor contestants and their God-given talents”

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

X Factor Advert - Marks and Spencer - M&SThe clever campaign from M&S featuring the 16 X-Factor live show contestants has proven a success amongst the show’s loyal fans.  Everyone is talking about it! The contemporary version of When You Wish Upon A Star song has been a proven success by engaging with its audience and generating a strong, emotional response.  According to Marketing Week the advert is the highest rated among all the brands during the final last Sunday.  How was this success measured…?

According to a research study that measures emotional responses to ads from viewers aged between 18 and 25, this generated the highest response with the right mix of emotions.  The research agency used an unobtrusive electroencephalograph (EEG) headset to monitor brain activity.  In addition to this, the viewer’s eye movements were tracked to provide a correlation between what they saw onscreen and their emotional response.  This form of tracking gives the brand a firm handle on how successful the campaign was and reflects that the timing of the advert is just as important, in terms of impact, as the content.

Timing is everything.  The contestants look amazing showcasing the new Christmas range and the exposure of this advert has been maximized to its full potential.  Steve Sharp, executive marketing director of M&S, emphasised the importance of the program to the British public and how this is reflected by the fact that discussions on the show are continued into the following week.   In conclusion we may say that this is M&S at its best and the collaboration between the two brands is one that has created something truly amazing!

Click here to view this emotional performance.

Great timing for new DKNY ambassador…!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
Ashley Greene New Face For DKNY

Ashley Greene New Face For DKNY

Great timing for the Twilight star Ashley Greene, the latest film in the series was launched last Friday in the UK, and an announcement of the stars recent signing as the future face of DKNY was released this week.  A good year for star Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the vampire movies.  Is this a win-win situation all round? –YES…According to Marketing Week the star is set to appear in the global advertising campaigns for DKNY and DKNY Jeans, which will be launched in the spring of 2012.  So what does Ashley have that suits the DKNY brand…?


Donna Karan International’s executive vice president for global marketing and communications, Patti Cohen praises the star in a recent press release, stating that Ashley portrays “energy, spirit and eclectic”, all of which are key to DKNY’s values.  Among the many reasons that Ashley was picked as the ambassador is the huge presence that the star has on social media and her presence online is significant to promoting herself as the new DKNY ambassador through these social media channels.  Patti Cohen says Ashley was the ideal person to front the campaigns because she is aware of the importance of social media sites such as twitter and Facebook.  On what basis did she come to this conclusion, I wonder…?

Like every young, trendy professional, this emerging A-list celebrity is comfortably tweeting away, more so on her new movie at the moment, but what DKNY anticipate going forward, and what will be included in the contract, is the continuous promotion through social media sites, and new clothing ranges.  With Christmas parties fast approaching, it sounds like DKNY have bagged a real TWEET in the form of a very, very, successful, and of course, well dressed celebrity…

Follow Ashley on Twitter to ensure that you get the latest on Twillight and DKNY’s new clothing range…



What do we all think about Tiger Woods as the future face of Rolex, if the boot fits…?

Friday, October 21st, 2011
Tiger Woods Rolex Brand Ambassador

Tiger Woods Rolex Brand Ambassador

A report from Ipsos Mori survey showed that Tiger Woods is the riskiest brand ambassador, both in the UK and the states!  How seriously should brands take these surveys and when conducted, are they looking purely at the industry they are involved in promoting…?

A report from the Belfast Telegraph shines light on the fact that, despite his stock falling dramatically both on and off the golf course, Tiger Woods remains the most charismatic figure and by far the biggest money-spinner in world sport! This is certainly how Rolex view him anyway…, the golf champion is still one of the world’s greatest golf pros and is planning to regain his place at the top in the 2012 season.   Tiger Woods made headlines two years ago regarding allegations of adultery that soured  his reputation, possibly forever, however as an icon in the golfing world, this man gives inspiration to many golf champions and therefore has respect in his field of expertise.  A more important survey would be what the consumers of Rolex think of Tiger Woods, or where do their interests lie…?

Rolex has well established associations with many sports and golf in particular is a wise choice for the brand given the audience they are marketing to.  Consumers who purchase Rolex are wealthy middle aged men who are as concerned with the type of watch they wear on their wrist as they are with their golf clubs…is that a fair sweeping generalization…?!  If this is an accurate observation then is the consumer going to remember Tiger Woods as ‘the adulterer of 2009’ or as ‘the three times winner of the US open’?

Rolex says it “is convinced that Tiger Woods still has a long career ahead of him and he has all the qualities required to continue to mark the history of golf. The brand is committed to accompanying him in his new challenges”.


Steve Jobs Has Died

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Steve Jobs has DiedSteve Jobs Had Died

Sadly, Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and former Chrief Executive of US technology giant Apple, has died at 56.

Mr. Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003 and announced it  in 2004.  Born in February 1955 Jobs was adopted as a baby by a Californian working class couple. After dropping out of college, travelling to India and becoming a Buddhist, Steve Jobs launched Apple in 1976 with his old school friend, Steve Wozniak. He left and came back to become Apple’s CEO in 1997. Steve resigned as CEO in August 2011 and died in October , leaving behind a wife and his four children as well as a personal wealth estimated at £5.4bn.

The recently unveiled revolutionary product, referred to as the iPhone 4S, basically a new edition of the iPhone 4, was released just a day before Steve Jobs passed away. It was one of the first launches in which the public figure, Steve Jobs, did not appear.  Despite his non appearance the launch went ahead and showed quickly that there is nothing basic about this new edition of the phone.  According to Marketing Week the brand is looking to tap into new markets, well, more specifically, the Chinese market.

Apple iphone 4S

The improved new edition does not look too dissimilar to the iPhone 4, however several significant new features incorporate all that BlackBerry and Samsung devices offer, only better. The idea behind the brand’s new strategy is to allow existing users to update their existing applications simply. This very clever strategy will help to retain customers by making the transition to the new, improved, more expensive product, really easy!

Though it is sad that Steve Jobs has passed away so prematurely, his innovations, passion and brilliant business mind will undoubtedly become a legacy which will leave a clear mark on history….When current and potential consumers of the iPhone4 sit down to review the capabilities of the new model they will not be disappointed.  The brand has abandoned the focus on creating more innovative packaging, retained the branding of the iPhone4, and promoted all the amazing new features of the new model that are in fact significant changes, something to be very proud of.


Brand Ambassadors – Do They Work?

Friday, May 27th, 2011

After the tragic dismissal of Kerry Katona, Stacey Solomon has filled the role of brand ambassador for Iceland.  This is great news for both parties as Stacey has recently received the ‘celebrity mum of the year’ award in March 2011 (for all its worth…!) and Iceland have great media coverage of Stacey actually using the brand products for her son, Zachary’s birthday party…looks like even celebrity mums go to Iceland!

Nick Canning, executive director of Iceland Foods commented on how natural both Stacey and Zachary came across on screen.  The rationale behind the campaign was to reappraise the Iceland brand as the mum’s of Britain’s first choice when entertaining for their children this summer.   Mr Canning was very cunning in his choice of celebrity in that he chose a mum that other mums could empathize with and therefore put their trust in the brand.

As we discussed last week, M&S are living proof that adverts using celebrities to promote products, if done properly, can work…, with the recent change of celebrities used to launch their new summer season range this demonstrates how vital it is to get the right person for the right brand…hello Lisa Snowdon!

Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach discusses the effects the ‘celebrity endorsed’ brands like Calvin Klein featuring icons such as Kate Moss in their advertisements (Chapter 1, page 15).  Using celebrities creates aura about the brand so it is important to create the right message to the right audience.  Calvin Klein has been the centre of much controversy due to the sexually ambivalent imagery using top icons and this is something that brands need to consider before entering into celebrity endorsed branding.