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Brand Ambassadors – Do They Work?

Friday, May 27th, 2011

After the tragic dismissal of Kerry Katona, Stacey Solomon has filled the role of brand ambassador for Iceland.  This is great news for both parties as Stacey has recently received the ‘celebrity mum of the year’ award in March 2011 (for all its worth…!) and Iceland have great media coverage of Stacey actually using the brand products for her son, Zachary’s birthday party…looks like even celebrity mums go to Iceland!

Nick Canning, executive director of Iceland Foods commented on how natural both Stacey and Zachary came across on screen.  The rationale behind the campaign was to reappraise the Iceland brand as the mum’s of Britain’s first choice when entertaining for their children this summer.   Mr Canning was very cunning in his choice of celebrity in that he chose a mum that other mums could empathize with and therefore put their trust in the brand.

As we discussed last week, M&S are living proof that adverts using celebrities to promote products, if done properly, can work…, with the recent change of celebrities used to launch their new summer season range this demonstrates how vital it is to get the right person for the right brand…hello Lisa Snowdon!

Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach discusses the effects the ‘celebrity endorsed’ brands like Calvin Klein featuring icons such as Kate Moss in their advertisements (Chapter 1, page 15).  Using celebrities creates aura about the brand so it is important to create the right message to the right audience.  Calvin Klein has been the centre of much controversy due to the sexually ambivalent imagery using top icons and this is something that brands need to consider before entering into celebrity endorsed branding.