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The Apprentice show demonstrates to marketers what not to do!

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Last week’s episode should be a lesson to brands out there who just produce mobile applications as a matter of ticking all the boxes instead of actually investing time in creating an innovative application that has a real marketing strategy behind it.  This week’s Marketing Week reports on the failure of the lad’s app creation, Slangatang, What was its purpose? The emphasis should have been on what exactly the application does and how the brand can offer real value to the consumer.

There are some good apps out there though, Tesco have launched the first supermarket iphone app that allows consumers to shop on the go.  There is a rationale behind the campaign, consumers are always looking at more efficient ways to shop and make life easier for themselves.   Tesco is reported to have put significant budget behind the app advertising campaign; however the results show very strong ROI as they have received 1.5 million downloads across the app range so far.

It is clear that Tesco have provided more than just the novelty factor, they have created an app that could potentially change the way the majority of people shop. This is a platform that has been built to be fit for purpose- it’s very clever and in the words of Sir Alan “Business-wise right now, this is pretty much where it’s at.”

The buzz around last week’s episode is immense and only highlights what Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach focuses on, and this is that the message needs to be clear in order for the call to action to be effective and for the brand to connect with the consumer (refer to chapter 2, page 38 for further information).