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Greggs secret ingredient to building a stronger brand…

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Greggs Bakery Marketing Strategy - Marketing CommunicationsGreggs the baker is a fantastic example of how effective communication between businesses and consumers can be achieved through the use of social media sites such as Facebook, and this has been the height of discussion in marketing news this week.  According to Marketing Week the brands CEO, Ken McMeikan started at Greggs in 2008 and wrote to the 20,000 customers that the business had on file to ask what they thought of the brand.  The response was surprisingly high with 11,000 responses in total! So what has changed for Greggs beyond the famous sausage roll retailer in the last four years…?

McMeikan now prefers to receive feedback via Facebook, checking the Greggs page four to six times a day.  The report shows how feedback from consumers has gained results.   Suggestions for changes have been addressed, and in many situations implemented, and a new range of food has been developed in-house, using Greggs’ own bakeries.

The new range reflects the feedback and suggestions left through Facebook which is great PR for Greggs.  This means consumers can see that the brand is taking their opinions seriously and are in turn prepared to trial new products and methods for delivering the products, whether this is to sit down in store or tapping into the coffee market.   Does their new marketing activity stop at Facebook though…?

Introducing the new Greggs App…!  This free phone device will allow customers to access product menus, nutritional information, and includes a flashy GPS shop finder that will assist customers in finding their nearest Greggs.  This is yet another move forward that promotes the brand as one that is evolving to meet the ever changing demands of the consumer; this new app will certainly put them on the coffee shop map along with major chains such as Starbucks and Costa.

For a full report on Greggs comprehensive marketing strategy click here

Customers can also view meal deals, discounts and useful information.


Competing ecosystems; Apple, Google or Facebook…?

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Google MusicIt’s all about sharing music, right…? – Search giant Google has signed content deals with more than 20 music labels, including EMI, Universal and Sony Music Entertainment.  According to Marketing Week Google’s music library will be more than extensive, with over 13 million songs available.  Integrated with Google+, this service offers users the ability to share songs (FULL SONGS!) with friends, without the need to purchase.   But how similar is this to the Spotify and Facebook partnership though…?

Google initially launched Music Beta in May 2011, due to licensing agreements; consumers were blocked from sharing songs with friends.  This has since been revised, and Google+ has been forced to address the fundamental principles and guidelines relating to providing music through social media platforms.  Will this initial launch leave a black mark on the search engine’s reputation, and have an impact on the new services success…?

There has been concerns raised as to the extent to which this differs from existing providers.  According to the Telegraph, Google said that users will be able to store up to 20,000 songs and, unlike Apple’s service which costs $25, it’s free! –The questions raised here are irrelevant, the point is that people who are using Google+ will try out this new music feature, and potential customers will undoubtedly be drawn in.  The question will be as to whether this works in the long term; only time will tell.  Currently available in the US, it will be interesting to see whether this makes it across to the UK, before iTunes brings out their latest revolutionary product!

Let us know your thoughts…?


Steve Jobs Has Died

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Steve Jobs has DiedSteve Jobs Had Died

Sadly, Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and former Chrief Executive of US technology giant Apple, has died at 56.

Mr. Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003 and announced it  in 2004.  Born in February 1955 Jobs was adopted as a baby by a Californian working class couple. After dropping out of college, travelling to India and becoming a Buddhist, Steve Jobs launched Apple in 1976 with his old school friend, Steve Wozniak. He left and came back to become Apple’s CEO in 1997. Steve resigned as CEO in August 2011 and died in October , leaving behind a wife and his four children as well as a personal wealth estimated at £5.4bn.

The recently unveiled revolutionary product, referred to as the iPhone 4S, basically a new edition of the iPhone 4, was released just a day before Steve Jobs passed away. It was one of the first launches in which the public figure, Steve Jobs, did not appear.  Despite his non appearance the launch went ahead and showed quickly that there is nothing basic about this new edition of the phone.  According to Marketing Week the brand is looking to tap into new markets, well, more specifically, the Chinese market.

Apple iphone 4S

The improved new edition does not look too dissimilar to the iPhone 4, however several significant new features incorporate all that BlackBerry and Samsung devices offer, only better. The idea behind the brand’s new strategy is to allow existing users to update their existing applications simply. This very clever strategy will help to retain customers by making the transition to the new, improved, more expensive product, really easy!

Though it is sad that Steve Jobs has passed away so prematurely, his innovations, passion and brilliant business mind will undoubtedly become a legacy which will leave a clear mark on history….When current and potential consumers of the iPhone4 sit down to review the capabilities of the new model they will not be disappointed.  The brand has abandoned the focus on creating more innovative packaging, retained the branding of the iPhone4, and promoted all the amazing new features of the new model that are in fact significant changes, something to be very proud of.


The Apprentice show demonstrates to marketers what not to do!

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Last week’s episode should be a lesson to brands out there who just produce mobile applications as a matter of ticking all the boxes instead of actually investing time in creating an innovative application that has a real marketing strategy behind it.  This week’s Marketing Week reports on the failure of the lad’s app creation, Slangatang, What was its purpose? The emphasis should have been on what exactly the application does and how the brand can offer real value to the consumer.

There are some good apps out there though, Tesco have launched the first supermarket iphone app that allows consumers to shop on the go.  There is a rationale behind the campaign, consumers are always looking at more efficient ways to shop and make life easier for themselves.   Tesco is reported to have put significant budget behind the app advertising campaign; however the results show very strong ROI as they have received 1.5 million downloads across the app range so far.

It is clear that Tesco have provided more than just the novelty factor, they have created an app that could potentially change the way the majority of people shop. This is a platform that has been built to be fit for purpose- it’s very clever and in the words of Sir Alan “Business-wise right now, this is pretty much where it’s at.”

The buzz around last week’s episode is immense and only highlights what Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach focuses on, and this is that the message needs to be clear in order for the call to action to be effective and for the brand to connect with the consumer (refer to chapter 2, page 38 for further information).