Brand awareness Verses cost effectiveness for Nestlé …

In a recent report from New Media Age the online marketing publication, Nestlé’s online and TV advertising campaign was used as an example to work out how effective in creating brand awareness the online advertising campaign was compared to TV advertising conducted within a certain period.  The results showed ad awareness for the TV channel came in at 11.8% and online reported a 5.8% lift (combined 18.7% increase), however online was more cost effective in terms of % increase and creating awareness for the Maggi brand.

Online advertising enabled Nestle to conduct a string of roll video display ads which were then complemented by more traditional forms of online advertising such as banner ads which were displayed across multiple websites.  This demonstrates the eclectic selection of campaigns that brands can run at one time using the online advertising channel…Does good old TV complement the online activities, or vice versa…?

Brand Awareness - Nestle

Brand Awareness - Nestle

The campaign was a success in its original launch and this is reflected on their website where all ads both current and previous, are displayed.   The list features all new and previous campaigns that have targeted women aged between 25-45 with children.  It is important to consider Nestlé’s reach in that not only are they targeting a wide scope of potential consumers but they are also targeting an international audience, literally…Nestle India loves the soups…!

Nestlé demonstrate the importance of integrated marketing campaigns to achieve optimal awareness, globally.  The campaign has been so successful that it is used as a case study across many papers, clearly a good example of integrated marketing communications.

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