BMW say ‘just advertise’

Dan Creed, BMW’s top marketing executive, reported in a recent news report that the company plan to spend 68% of budget on TV advertising this year and 15% on digital marketing, whilst only 7% will be awarded to print.  This is a reflection on global industry’s move to digital from print and this is apparent with other global car manufacturers such as Chrysler.

The evidence speaks for itself as Disney’s quarterly financial review shows an increase in revenue for their television network, the BBC report states that this is as a result of an increase in TV advertising.  If it wasn’t for the increase in TV advertising all of Disney’s SBU’s would show a decrease in revenue…everybody is getting on board!

An interesting case study can be found in Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach (Chapter 13, page 358), whereby Lambient Media’s advertising campaign on their UK train ticket-booking service,, demonstrates well how the company can ‘RAM’ home the message to consumers, not only in Britain but across countries in Europe.

M&S are among many brands that dedicate more spend to TV advertising, they will continue to grow their brand and maintain market leadership through the use of celebrities in their adverts.  M&S are living proof that adverts using celebrities to promote products, if done properly, can actually work.  A recent report on the change of celebrities used to launch their new summer season range demonstrates how vital it is to get the right person for the right brand…bye bye Danni Minogue!

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