Go forth with Levi…

Following the launch of their latest ‘Waterless jeans’ earlier this year, the Levi brand has just launched a marketing campaign targeted at the global market in an attempt to derive positive change with regards to global sustainability. Marketing Week reports on the brands initiative to emphasise “youth optimism and energy”, which is what Levi believe to be what the brands stands for.

The digital engagement programme, set to launch in August, is to be the first activity of a comprehensive marketing campaign to encourage existing and potential consumers to get involved in global sustainability initiatives. It appears that sustainability really is at the heart of the brand…at least the first thing that jumps out at you on their website! Sustainability is right at the top there alongside ‘About’, ‘Brand’, ‘Investors’ and all the other important stuff…Levi have really put their heart and soul into this initiative and coupled with an extensive list including; TV, cinema, print, digital and outdoor marketing activity in 24 countries across the globe.

The brand is positioning itself to appeal to a growing population who are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and the idea of sustaining that for future generations to come. Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach presents an interesting success story featuring Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the story of the brand unveils their link to fair-trade and ‘climate-neutral’ production which has had a massive impact on their brand perception and values to the market (see page 271 for full story). Let’s hope Levi feature in the next edition as a success story when communicating strong corporate social responsibility!

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