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Usain Bolt, Sir Richard Branson & Faster Broadband!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

You may have seen the new brand ambassador for Virgin Media on adverts recently. They certainly chose someone very famous and being as they have been advertising fast broadband it is really quite apt that Usain Bolt is their ambassador. The world’s fastest man and Olympic gold medal-winning Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt not only brings some world renown to the advert but also some giggles!


Usain Bolt Virgin's New Brand Ambassador

Usain Bolt Virgin's New Brand Ambassador

The advert has done well to gain the spotlight on TV for being both eye catching and hilarious! The best part about this new fast broadband campaign is the fact that Bolt is seen in the advert wearing a Richard Branson beard lookalike and mimicking the world famous entrepreneur.

Virgin Media apparently came close to signing Bolt after his sensational appearance at the Beijing Olympics and now they have done the trick they are starting a nationwide campaign featuring the sprinter and Virgin’s founder in Virgin’s £110 million push to double their broadband speed. This big push will be taking place over the next 18 months and effects it’s 4.1 million internet customers.

The TV advert will be supported by a variety of other marketing paths including billboards all showing Bolt amusingly impersonating Sir Richard Branson even down to the little golden goatee! Their new strap line, “Keep Up” from agency DDB London, also very apt, will be used in all their future marketing activities. It seems Virgin Media have made a very intelligent marketing move here not only comparing Usain Bolt’s unrivalled speed with that of their broadband, but also using an Olympic athlete in the year of the London 2012 Olympics and the right amount of humour to bring it all down to earth (well apart from when Bolt tries to get on a spaceship at the end of the advert…)

Click on the following link to view Virgin Media’s new advert – Virgin Media Advert Ft. Usain Bolt & Sir Richard Branson


Men = the new target audience for Cravendale milk brand…!

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The milk brand has discovered that maybe after all these years they have been targeting the wrong audience! Let’s consider who goes out on a Sunday morning to get the milk and paper, or how many times the female shopper forgets to get the milk? Well, according to a recent report from Marketing Week Cravendale will position dads as “milk heroes” picking up milk when it has run out. As part of the brands marketing strategy, they plan to partner with a sports radio station such as TalkSport to build engagement with men through sport.  Are men going to want to hear about getting the countries long lasting milk brand when watching, or listening to the sport channel on the radio?


Cravendale Milk Target Men

Cravendale Milk Target Men

The brand has historically produced quirky adverts that have often been released in partnership with feature films at the cinema. These quirky and comical adverts provide  a welcome relief for cinema goers who are regularly bombarded with boring adverts as they eagerly await the latest release – the particular Cravendale advert I am referring to in particular is the opposable thumbs advert, remember that one that Cravendale launched last August?

The beer aisles in food retail stores will now contain advertising for the milk brand – Great! Whilst men shop for their beer and read through the latest copy of Men’s Weekly they will be prompted to check whether they need to get the milk, this may even mean that some households have too much milk at one time! Its fine, after all, we all know that Cravendale is long lasting.

Is getting the milk a bone of contention in your house…?

McDonalds and WRAP partnership to reduce waste…

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

McDonald's Wrap Recycling PartnershipSome may say it is ironic that fast food conglomerate, McDonalds is working in partnership with the charity organisation, WRAP, but the partnership is well matched according to recent marketing news.  This is a good opportunity for McDonalds to promote the materials used to package their food in and educate consumers on how to dispose of this to ensure that maximum recycling is achieved.  McDonalds promote themselves as a brand that uses 85% reusable packaging with their products.  This claim is confirmed through their support for recyclable material and promoting sustainability.  Are other companies taking this initiative seriously and promoting reusable packaging…?

Costa Coffee owner Whitbread and distribution partners such as Brakes are also part of the plan to communicate the importance in reducing food and drink waste out of home.  The brand has taken this initiative very seriously in the past and will continue to do so leading up to spring where a voluntary agreement will be drawn up alongside many food services in the UK to significantly reduce out of home waste.

Previous initiatives from the organization include partnerships with major retailers to reduce plastic bag usage which has been a success nationwide throughout 2010 and 2011.  WRAP is faced with barriers when communicating messages – as a ‘not for profit’ company they cannot launch a campaign themselves but need to secure relationships with brands who can promote the charities mission through their PR and advertising – We hope to see more brands joining forces with WRAP this year.


Supermarkets join forces with government initiative to promote healthy eating…

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Supermarkets Join Government Healthy Eating CampaignWhat is your New Year’s resolution?-Well, for a majority of the population there is a lot of pressure to eat healthily and exercise following the Christmas period.  According to Marketing Week supermarkets; Asda, Co-operative Food, and Aldi will offer customers discounts on a range of healthy foods to encourage healthy eating and of course demonstrate their support for the government push this winter.  Why is the government working with the supermarkets on this…?

The Change4Life initiative aims to tap into not only the parents’ New Year’s resolutions, but also the children’s.  Recipe cards with healthy meal ideas will be distributed through channels including newspapers and direct mail in order to launch a comprehensive campaign that will force parents to stand up and take note. Although a minority of supermarkets have been reducing the price of some items, is healthy eating more costly for parents? Therefore can the parents complain about the cost of eating healthier…?

It appears not! – In addition to the recipe cards distributed, a cookbook endorsed by celebrity chef Ainsley Harriet will contain recipes that can be made for under £5 and this will be available through the government’s initiative partner, The Daily Mirror, from 20th January 2012.  That said the public has its reservations on whether the government guidelines are truly healthy!

So will parents buy into this marketing campaign, and should all supermarkets be forced to drop prices on fruit and vegetables in order to get full support…? In an ideal world yes, but let’s face it the chances of the government implementing this, and the likelihood of supermarkets actually buying into it are pretty slim.