2012 Olympics, Only one year to go…!

We have heard so much recently on the Olympic games, one of many TV programs on this was Olympics 2012: One Year To Go, did you see it? If not then go to bbc iplayer . There will be plenty more TV programs coming up! Marketing Week have listed the extent of campaigns that are being launched by sponsors in the build up and this can only increase as we get closer…! In a push to drive their brands as much as they can, companies such as Thomas Cook are jumping on the band wagon to offer great deals on hotels, mind you they could be too late in terms of visitors booking accommodation, surely they booked this during the last Olympics!

BP are ironically running a campaign advertising the fact that they have put more resources into offsetting carbon emissions using athlete Jessica Ennis in this campaign…please go and take a look, a petroleum company promoting sustainability is hilarious…!

2012 Olympics - One Year To GO!

2012 Olympics - One Year To GO!


We have recently seen many campaigns from McDonald’s, Cadbury’s and Samsung, who by the way are continuing to feature David Beckham as ambassador for the Olympic Torchbearers campaign for the opening ceremony.  It is all very exciting and the buzz created by these brands will continue no doubt for the next year.  There are also well known gatecrashers to the sponsors party pushing for gold in light of the Olympics, Sainsbury’s is among this extensive list, they are in fact Paralympics partners but have no official involvement in the Olympic Games…- the brand is launching a heavyweight advertising campaign in line with the Olympic Games campaign to push the Paralympics.  At least Sainsbury’s have some connection with the Olympics in general, I suspect we will see more irrelevant campaigns from brands attempting to grab some of the Olympic market share.


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